Reno, Nevada Temple


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Reno, Nevada, USA Temple


The temple that served the Saints in Reno, Nevada, was the Oakland, California, temple. They could safely attend the temple from March to November, the rest of the year the weather made the trip dangerous to impossible as they had to pass over the Sierra mountains and through Donner’s Pass. When smaller temples were announced, Reno stakes were among the first to prayerfully request a temple and receive approval. They were so excited that many wanted to visit the temple site during construction. In an effort to maintain good relations with the temple’s neighbors, Church members were asked to refrain from visiting the construction site, a great sacrifice for the eager Saints! A beautiful temple was built, and in less than a year! Although done speedily, the same high standards were kept. Project Superintendent Vernon C. Forbush said, “We were able to complete this temple because of the united cooperation of members and nonmembers. Many of the contractors have told me on different occasions that they have felt the spirit of the temple and know it is a special place. We have found ourselves doing things far above our ability… If there is one thing that needs to be emphasized, it’s the spirit of service—that is what got this temple finished in the time in which it was finished.”* As with all temples, there was opposition. One temple worker, during the open house, said, “We have had countless examples of resistance to the temple, from groundbreaking until just an hour ago. The adversary does not want temples built, and that has been very obvious on this job.”* Reno is well-known for the winds that constantly blow. To accommodate the winds, the entrance was moved to the north side and a vestibule was built to keep them outside of the temple. Instead of gold leafing on the statue of Angel Moroni, the same technology that was used to paint the pipes of the organ in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City was used. This paint keeps the statue shining gold despite the steady winds. On April 23, 2000 the temple was dedicated. In the prayer it was asked that “all who serve as proxies in behalf of the dead, that they may be touched by a spirit of unselfishness and of love for those who have gone beyond.” Let this temple touch your heart with an eagerness to serve and attend the temple.

How Temple Coins are Made

Dave started creating jewelry using metals in 1992, ten years later he had worked with nearly every metal in the jewelry industry! Moving to Thailand, he spent the next nine years perfecting his skills with various metals, 3D models and 3D printers. He dreamed of producing something that would bring delight to purchasers and carry with it positive feelings that would touch the souls of those who owned them. In 2014 he was able to realize his dream. Returning to the US, he uses Lost-wax casting to create a metal master from brass alloy for each temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, depicting, in the highest degree of definition possible, a coin with a 3D image of a temple. The reverse of each coin is cast with the words “Stand ye in holy places.”

Purchase one or two of the temples that hold special meaning to you. Commemorate your visit to a temple by picking up the corresponding coin. Celebrate a milestone in a loved one’s life by gifting them a temple coin to inspire them. Collect them all or just a few. Some are cast in precious metals, making each coin an investment that will be a treasure in every sense of the word.

Additional Information

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  • All coins are 1 1/4 in.
  • Pewter Coins are cast from lead free alloys.
  • Brass Coins cast from a silicone, brass alloy.  Giving our brass coins a rich yellow gold color for a fraction of the cost of gold coins.
  • Silver Coins are cast from an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper.
  • Gold Coins cast in 14K Gold are 58.5% pure gold.  The remaining alloy consists of a copper and silver mix.
  • All of our coins are developed, cast, and finished locally in our facility in Logan, UT, U.S.A.

*Source note: Forbush interview.